3 benefits of a healthy diet

Familiar with the saying: ‘You are what you eat’?

Well, it’s true… eating healthy foods will make you feel better, have more energy (and you’ll likely look better than someone with a bad diet)

1: Did you realise that eating a healthy diet can help with your mood? Well eating nutrient dense food with no added sugar, salt and preservatives can reduce moods swings, and even reduce depression. You don’t need to overcomplicate it either, just spend more time in the fresh produce aisle when you go shopping and stock up on colourful veggies and fruits rather than lots of junk food.

2: Eating lots of processed foods will give us quick energy boosts but they’re quickly followed by sugar crashes most of the time. That’s why a healthy diet that consists of more natural sources of sugar (such as fruit) will lead to increased energy levels throughout the day! 

3: Ever noticed that people who have poor diets not only look fatigued most of the time, but they also often have bad skin and hair… well, it’s no coincidence. Skin and hair are physical examples of your health outside of your body… which is why those of us who have a healthier diet generally look better on the outside. If you’re looking to make a change that’ll directly impact your appearance, I’d recommend less fried and processed foods (such as chippies and Chinese food) and cutting down on your alcohol intake.

I hope this helps,


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