3 factors you should bear in mind when lifting weights

Learn to Lift

Before any of our group pt members start we go through a Learn to Lift session and teach technique. This allows us to see how they move and teach how to lift so that when they start GPT we are confident they can perform the exercises safely and effectively.

Weight selection

Select a weight that you can lift with perfect form for the prescribed reps on your programme. If your programme says 10 reps you should physically be failing around the 8-10th rep. When you can do all your sets and reps with perfect form. You should increase the weight slightly on your next session.

Muscle contraction

When you lift the weight don’t just think of yourself as lifting a weight from A to B. Contract your muscle as hard as you can against the weight during the whole movement. The harder you contract the harder the muscle will work.

Time under tension

There is a big difference between a set that lasts 20 seconds and a set that lasts 40 seconds. Don’t fall into to trap of rushing your set to try and lift a heavier weight for the sake of it. Less training your ego, more training your muscle.
Personally i prefer a set lifting for 1 second, lowering for 3.

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