3 Tips to Start Your Day Right

3 Tips to Start Your Day Right

It’s hard to stay in a routine these days so I think it’s important to give yourself a good start.

These are 3 things I do that help me feel a bit more normal. 

Set an alarm 

For a lot of us it’s easy to just roll over and sleep a bit longer.  I don’t know about you, but if I kept doing that then I’d feel worse for it.  It’s also a good idea to go to bed at your usual time the night before and not stay up until the early hours.  It makes me feel like still I have control over something! 

Write a “To Do” list 

Write a list of everything you want to get done each day and stick to it.  Whether it’s doing a washing, a workout, going for a walk, catching up on some work or studying etc.  It can really help give you some structure for the day.  If there’s something that you don’t manage to get done then put it on the list for the next day 

Workout and Stretch 

Getting a morning workout in is a great way to energise you for the rest of the day.  The boost you get from it will help keep your mood up and keep you motivated to get everything else done.  I prefer a late morning workout and have been doing a bit more yoga which makes me feel great too  

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