5 Easy Stretches to add into your daily routine!

#1 – Cat Cow

This one is great in the morning to help mobilise your spine again after lying in bed… moving through both parts of this movement is one rep. I recommend 10 slow and controlled reps.

#2 – Threading the Needle

This one is a great upper back and shoulder stretch… I recommend just holding this one for around 30 seconds on each side.

#3 – Cobra

Cobra is essentially just a backbend, and can be too intense if you’re not used to stretching on a regular basis. So I always recommend starting with a small backbend until you’re more accustomed to this one

#4 – Reclined Spinal Twists

Spinal twists ALWAYS make my back crack and it feels great. I always recommend letting your legs just fall to the side when you first start doing this stretch… don’t force your back to bend more than is comfortable!

#5 – Knee Hugs

Knee hugs are one of my favourite stretches to at the end of a stretching session… hug your leg into your body as tightly as you can to feel a nice sense of compression. Great after doing all the backbends/twists beforehand!


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