5 tips to lose weight – get lean & stay lean

  1. Create a calorie deficit with diet.

For three days record everything you eat as honestly and accurately as possible. Work out how many calories you are currently consuming to maintain your weight using a tool such as ‘MyFitnessPal’. Reduce this amount by between 300-500 calories thus creating a deficit. I would generally keep the protein high and reduce carbs, fats or a bit of both based on preference.

2. Expend more energy with training.

Get your weight training in there first and foremost, then add some interval sprints.

3. Get enough micronutrients.

If you are on a calorie deficit, ensure your body is getting enough nutrients. Add a greens powder and a good multivitamin to your diet.

4. Accept that you will need to make sacrifices.

If you are serious about getting results you will need to make some sort of sacrifice whether it means not drinking as much alcohol or not having a huge dessert after your meal. Don’t feel hard done by. Your reward is how you will look and it will not be forever.

5. Have an exit strategy

If you are in a deficit and then decide, ‘the diet is over’ and you immediately go back to eating what you were eating before and stop exercising, it stands to reason that you will end up back at square one. If your food and exercise yoyos up and down, so will you. Try to slowly increase the amount of food you eat over the course of a few weeks, keep your exercise going and you will have more chance of retaining your results.

*When I say weight I am really meaning body fat; losing body weight and retaining muscle will make you lean.

~ William Wylie