Cheat Meal, not Cheat Day


Ok so those of you who know me, know that there is nothing I love more than a cheat day. When you’ve been busting your ass all week in the gym, sometimes the only thing keeping you going can be the promise of Sunday (the day where calories don’t count – or so we like to think).

However, how much damage are cheat days really causing?

Answer: probably more than you think.

If you’ve been hitting calories and eating good food all week, can you imagine the stress your body goes through on a Sunday (or whatever day your ‘cheat’ day is) when it is hit with a full day of binging? We are all guilty of it! So what’s the solution? Only eat GOOD, healthy food and hit calories all the time? In an ideal world, yes, maybe. But realistically, we need to live a little, right?

So, instead of having a cheat DAY, try having a cheat MEAL. Narrowing your ‘treat’ time down to one meal leaves much less space for consuming ridiculous calories and slowing down your progress! Plus, you will usually avoid that sluggish feeling we are all familiar with after a day of eating everything in sight.

Give it a try – I reckon you’ll be surprised at how satisfied you actually are after that one meal you’ve craved all week. And be equally surprised by how much quicker you will reach your goals.

~ Maya