There are so many fad diets out there that promise results.  These results are always short lived and the diets are extremely unhealthy.  They cause a lack in vital nutrients e.g. carbohydrates, fibre and various vitamins and minerals which can lead to serious long term health issues.

Yes, the weight does come off really quickly, (hence the attraction for a lot of people) but it’s just water weight and muscle tissue that’s lost.  

By the time the novelty has worn off and you’ve become bored, irritable, miserable, fatigued and you’re hating life – your metabolism has slowed right down.  You then succumb to the inevitable surge of cravings, go back to your old eating habits and put all the weight (body fat) back on and then some.  

This is why and how these companies make their millions – they take your money, set you up for failure time and time again as you keep chasing that quick fix. 

Aside of the physical health problems, these diets also create an unhealthy relationship with food and potentially eating disorders.  

Your money would be better invested in a good coach who will show you how to live a lifestyle that’s sustainable and isn’t based on deprivation and cutting out all of the foods you enjoy.  You’ll lose weight steadily and more slowly but this way is much healthier more maintainable in the long term.  

Do your research and find someone who will tailor a plan specifically for you, based on the foods you already enjoy and make healthier adaptations that you’ll stick to. 

A varied, healthy diet and weight training programme will help you to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy life!

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