Hello and A Smile

I wanted to highlight how important that I think it is to help others in any way possible. Even if it’s just a hello and a smile; that goes a long, long way.

Tonight at The Club Gym one of our new members came in to use the gym for the very first time. She was nervous and unsure of what to do as she was at a budget gym previously and just hated it. I took time away from what I was doing and spent just over half an hour chatting with her and finding out a little more about her training background. I showed her some great exercise tailored to her personal goals to help her get started.

The great thing was, she left with a relaxed smile on her face and her own words “I love this gym already! It makes me feel at ease and comfortable in my surroundings.”

For me, that made my night and showed that just giving someone a little bit of your time without expecting anything in return, goes a long, long way. This can be in any environment, from helping someone out at the gym or holding a door for someone carrying their shopping.

The simple things count and you might be the only positive interaction that someone will have all day. Make it count. Be kind.

Craig – Tailored Physique Fitness