How does massage boost your health?

Most of us struggle with relaxation and sleep sometimes.  

A good Swedish massage involves long sweeping strokes which help to relax the body.  As this happens, cortisol is reduced, lowering stress levels and blood pressure.  Massage also boosts serotonin levels, which increases the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone.  This happens immediately during a massage, which is why we feel sleepy after one and have an amazing sleep that same night! 


The pressure applied during a massage pushes oxygen and nutrient rich blood through damaged and tense muscle tissue.  When this pressure is released at the end of a massage stroke, the new blood is brought into the tissue, aiding healing.  This boost in oxygen also makes you feel more energetic!  

Lymphatic drainage 

Massage also makes the lymphatic system more efficient.  The lymphatic system works closely with the circulatory system and helps with immune response.  An efficient lymphatic system also helps to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and reduces muscular fatigue.  


Short and tight muscles eventually lead to aches, pains and injuries.  

Whether someone trains or not, works long hours driving or sitting at a desk etc – muscles become short and tight.  This causes less range if motion and can lead to injuries even from the simplest of movements. 

Regular sports/deep tissue massage in this circumstance can drastically reduce your chance of injury.  Sometimes even one massage treatment might make pain go away!  

When not to have a massage 

Believe it or not, as beneficial as massage is, there are some occasions in which massage isn’t suitable.  This can be because of something as simple as a cold, to a serious health condition.  This is why it is so important to fill out the health questionnaire as accurately as possible so that your massage therapist can be sure it’s safe for you to receive a massage treatment.  

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