How Increasing Your Daily Activity Can Reach Your Goals

At first when you have a goal and specifically a weight loss goal, the gym is the first place we go so we can reach this, but there is also a few other ways in which we can reach this type of goal without attending the gym everyday. 

One way to improve your fitness journey and especially if the goal is to lose weight, is to increase your daily activity. Recently I wrote a hack of how to increase your activity levels, which I am going to explain in a bit more detail, and how it can be completed within our day to day lives. As mentioned within the hack, and as we all know, the way in which we lead our lives has changed and it is due to circumstances changing out with our control. We have then become less active or stopped our routines which we may previously had. 

By including a few of the following into our day to day lives we are not only becoming more active but increasing our Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). 

You may think what is that, but broken down it means the energy which we expend for the tasks we do within our day which are not sleeping, eating or exercising. 

Set a daily step goal

By setting yourself a daily step goal, this gives you a target each day to reach and motivate you to complete this. If your current step goal is quite low, the best way to improve this is to add a small amount of steps, rather than set yourself a bigger target and feel deflated when you have not met this. 

Lunch Break Walk

If your job is quite sedentary or you find that you do not move much throughout the day, you can schedule a walk into your lunch break. Having a set time in the day to complete this allows you to not miss or tell yourself you will do it later and in turn improve your level of activity. A bonus is that you will also be reaching your step goal by going out for a walk. 

Park further away from the place you are going to. 

It is easy to park close to the shops, train station or your set destination, however, why not next time park that little bit further away and walk to where you are going. Again this will increase your daily movement and get the steps in for the day that you may need to reach. 

Take the stairs instead of the lift. 

If there is the option to take the lift or stairs, choose the stairs and you will begin to notice the difference this makes from taking the lift each time. 

Do Chores; hoovering, cleaning, gardening, carrying shopping. 

We all have these tasks to do each week, so this one is something we do not need to think to much about hopefully. Next time you are doing any of these, just remember this is  increasing your NEAT and overall total expenditure. 

These types of activities are all within your NEAT and adding these type of activities into your lifestyle will increase your total energy expenditure each day. Try to add these into your day to day plans and see how you feel after a couple of weeks by just improving and increasing the level of activity you currently do. It will also progress your fitness goal, if weight loss is your main goal. 

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