How to stay in shape during lockdown

When the announcement was made for another lockdown I’m sure we were all devastated but this doesn’t mean we stop trying. Most of my clients have progressed hugely over the past year and the last thing I want is for them to ruin the hard work they have put in over the past year. 

My clients all have different goals but the main goal over this lockdown is to maintain what they have acheived over this year. Weather that is to maintain weight lost or to maintain muscle they have built. 

How are we going to achieve this? 

1 – Consistency with training 

Write out a training plan, choose days and times to train and stick to it. You may not have heavy weights but you can adjust reps, tempo and add things like supersets and trisets to increase the difficulty of your workouts. 

2 – Tracking food and if your not as active drop your calories 

Track your calories so you know how many calories you’re eating each day. If your not as active drop your calories slightly. With not being at work I’ve had to drop my calories as my steps are nowhere near what they usually are but I’m still getting at least 10k a day. 

3 – Aim for 10k steps daily, by getting out for an hour walk each day at least. 

Getting out for an hour a day will also help you keep your steps up, it is important we don’t just sit around the house all day as this is when your more likely to eat due to boredom. 

4 – Zoom classes or training with a friend to help with motivation 

Try to join in with some group exercise classes or train with a friend. You’re likely to push yourself harder training in a group than on your on and it will definitely help with motivation. 

If you’re struggling with workouts, nutrition, motivation or anything at all, drop me a message, I’m happy to help you out 


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