Kitchen Organisation – How your cupboards can help you achieve your goals

Kitchen Organisation

If you have decided to get yourself to a gym or simply want to feel healthier, the chances are that you are thinking about your food as well.  Or at least you should be!  This is something that your kitchen organisation can influence.

Recently, I was looking through my kitchen cupboards and fridge and was frustrated at the mess that they were in.  I knew for a fact that there was bound to be stuff hiding in there that I wasn’t going to eat or that would be out of date, so I decided to have a big clear out.

It was going to get worse before it got better…


Kitchen Organisation - Messy Kitchen

Clear Out

Lifting literally every single item of food out of the cupboards, I scrubbed them down and then got to work deciding what could be kept and what needed to be binned.  I fully admit that there was a bottle of soy sauce that should’ve called it a day sometime in 2011 – I bet I’m not alone in finding some old sauces and spices!

If you’re wanting to lose a bit of weight or simply want to start eating better to feel better, then really think about the food that you are keeping.  If it’s not in your cupboard and you don’t buy more, you’re not going to eat it.



  • Anything that is not in keeping with your good intentions to eat better, throw it out or donate. Or is out of date! Check every bottle and every spice jar.
  • Check the labels of sauces/condiments – paying particular attention to sugar content.  Anything with over 22.5g of sugar per 100g is considered high. Bin these.
  • Putting pasta, rice, oats etc in glass jars keeps your cupboard tidy. You can see what you have left and you’re not dealing with plastic bags spilling their contents.
  • Grouping tins of similar ingredients together means you can more easily see what you have.


In Summary…

It maybe seems like a lot of effort to have this kind of clear out, especially if you’re part of a larger family and have others to consider. However, feeling like you have a clean slate can really help to keep you motivated to stick with your intentions of eating more healthily and moving more.

I had bought some new cookbooks to get myself inspired to try new dishes, so I created some space in my kitchen to display them. Keeping them insight will help keep me on track and motivated.

And my kitchen looks so nice and tidy now!  Surfaces are clear for me to prepare my food. Cooking utensils are to hand. My herbs and spices are neatly organised (and in date…). I can easily see what I have in my cupboards.

Tidy Kitchen


This fresh start is making me excited to try new recipes soon! Might head out to TK Maxx and get a new cooking utensil or two… ?

Note to self: you DO NOT need to buy any tinned tomatoes or chickpeas for like a year…

If you aren’t sure where to start with healthy eating, or even deciding what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to have in your own kitchen cupboards, I can help.

Louise – Louise Cochrane Fitness


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