Mindset is something that everyone will struggle with at some point in their life, whether it is in your training, in your business, personal life etc.; everyone will experience this. Mindset is something that has to be in place to be successful with any goal, any venture in your life, as the body only achieves what the mind allows it to do.

We don’t have to have a superhero mindset; we just need to have a positive outlook on every situation that we encounter as in life. We will come across many unwanted, unexpected situations in our lives. A positive mindset is a massive advantage for when you set yourself any fitness goals within a gym environment or any sport.

With these goals come many forms of change:

  • Change in your nutrition with adapting to new food disciplines
  • Tracking your food on MyFitnessPal
  • Adapting to new training methods and exercises that you may not have experienced before
  • Or you may not have trained in a gym environment before

So, knowing that you may have to shift your mindset several times along your journey to be successful in what you want to achieve is vital.

Always remember why you started your journey. Remember that you are doing this for YOU and nobody else. Always be willing to push your mind beyond your existing beliefs as your journey will not be easy, but so worth the mental challenges. I should know from my experiences with some of the events that I have trained for.


Never give up, NEVER!!

~ Craig – Tailored Physique Fitness