The Club Gym - Bench Press

Monday Movement: Bench Press


Bench press – after all it is International Chest Day, right?

So it’s only right that we have another chest exercise in there this week.

The staple of your chest day has to be the Bench Press. There are several variations using dumbbells, smith machine or cables, but today I’ve picked the barbell variation.

To begin with, lie under the bar as it’s racked, placing eyes directly underneath. Retract your shoulder blades towards the bench, engage your lats by pulling them downwards towards your hips. Keep your bum firmly against bench and screw your heels into the floor for a tight, secure lift.

Taking a deep breath lifting bar off the rack, bring the bar over top of chest, keeping elbows slightly bent. Pause for few seconds and let your body get a feel for the weight.

Taking a deep breath once again, lift the chest towards the ceiling, slowly lowering the bar towards the chest in a controlled, natural motion until about 1 inch from the chest. Pause at the bottom and drive back to top of movement in an explosive but controlled motion. Safely return to the rack.

This is a great exercise for building size and strength to your chest, giving you that full look from the side.

Hope you enjoy this week’s movement and be sure to comment below for if you have any questions.