Monday Movement: Bulgarian Split Squats


For myself and my clients, I love adding these into our leg sessions, whether it’s near the end or used as a superset with a compound leg exercise.

To begin with, I’d recommend just using bodyweight, and more you progress with the strength in each leg and the stability through the ankle and your core; you can then progress with either a barbell or dumbbells in each hand.

How to

1) Place the bridge of one foot flat on the edge of the bench, placing the standing foot out in front until you are at a comfortable distance from the bench.

2) Keeping the body in an upright position, brace the core tight with hands on the hips ready to drop into the movement.

3) Slowly drop your hips in a downwards movement towards the floor until your leading leg is at a 90-degree angle.

4) From there, keeping all the weight on the heel of the leading foot, drive up to the standing position again but keeping leading knee slightly bent to keep constant tension on the working muscles.

5) Repeat for the other leg.

Muscles worked:

With this movement, you will be working several muscles in the lower body from primary muscles, secondary muscles and stabilising muscles. These are:

– Glutes

– Quadriceps

– Hamstrings

– Calfs

These are just the main muscles working, but deeper into the leg there are so many more muscles that are being recruited (without getting too deep into anatomy & physiology with you guys…)

Once again team, I hope you enjoy our Monday Movement and if any questions don’t hesitate to ask myself or member of staff for more information.

Stay tuned ready for next week’s Monday Movement and visit Tailored Physique Fitness for more tips.