Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Wanting To Give Up When You Have a Goal to Reach

Throughout life there will undoubtedly be times for most people when you are striving to reach a goal or to accomplish something. This doesn’t only apply to fitness and wellbeing however, it could be a promotion at work, a personal target, a sales pitch. However let’s talk about combatting the urge to give up when working on a goal related to your health or body image.

For the majority of the general population when they set a goal regarding their health – it’s generally fat loss related. This can be for aesthetic reasons but usually it’s more importantly for health reasons.

The biggest thing you can do before embarking on a health journey is accept that there is going to be bumps in the road and that there will be times where you question why you’re doing this. If you’re honest about this from the start it will be much easier to pull yourself back on track when it inevitably happens at some point. Very few people go through an extended period of time without a family event, night out with friends, or just an off-plan day.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is to make sure you are surrounded by people who have your genuine best interests at heart. If your partner or friends or anyone else is trying to push you and encourage you to go off plan every weekend or regularly throughout the week then they are not showing you respect towards your goal, unless it’s a genuine health concern.

Surrounding yourself with positive people has a great way of providing you with a more positive outlook on everything. Being around people who support your goals will make you more likely to stick to them as they’re more likely to support and encourage you. It’s important to have someone you can talk to when you’re struggling.

We also live in a world where social media is everything and it’s incredibly important to remember to take time away from this. It’s worth remembering that people only post their best moments on social media so we can’t compare another person’s fitness or wellbeing journey to our own. So if you are struggling with the mindset surround your goal try turning your phone off for a while.

Reflecting on how far you’ve come is also an essential tool when working towards a long term goal. You may not think you’ve did much but when you look back at older photos or previous journal entries or however you choose to log your progress – you may find you’ve come further than you think.

Remember that if it were easy everyone would do it, and that by doing something to reach your goal you’re already doing more than everyone just thinking about it.

 Try to regularly give yourself credit for your achievements, and celebrate small wins and stepping stones on route to the end goal

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