Power moves – Clean and Press

You don’t have to be an athlete training for a sport to feel like it when you’re in the gym. There are a number of different moves that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping, sweat dripping and muscles burning… and really, what more do we want when we’re in the gym? (that “go big or go home” feeling)

One of my favourite moves that I use for myself and a lot of my clients is the dumbbell clean and press. It can take a couple tries to understand and feel the movement, but once you’re comfortable with it, it can have you feeling like a training beast!

How to:

  1. The pull: as you lift your weight off the ground, keep the spine straight and chest open. Drive through your heel to bring yourself up to a standing position.

clean and press

  1. The “in-between”: as you come to a standing position, keep the core tight and squeeze the glutes. The weight should now be settled up to meet your chest/shoulder.

clean and press

  1. The push: settle into a slight dip(soften knees) to get a small spring and drive the weight overhead to lock out the elbow. Keep the core tight, and EVERYTHING squeezed (make those glutes work through the entire push).

clean and press

  1. The end: the work is not over until that weight is back on the floor. As you lower your KB/DB, bring it back to your shoulder first, and then do your best to do the “pull”, in reverse. Spine stays straight – we’re not letting our back curl in as we’re bringing the weight to the floor. Good form at the end of an exercise is just as important as the beginning.

Add the clean and press exercise into a circuit or do them on their own, but 3-5 sets of 10/side is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, and your shoulders/glutes/core/body burning.

~ Christine

True North Training