Power Moves – Push Ups

A full push up, done on the toes, can be a hard one to master. Everyone wants to be good at push ups, but when it comes down to it, practice makes perfect.

Here are some simple steps to take to build your push-ups and overall upper body strength:

  1. MAX plank holds (done on the hands, not the forearms) will help build your core strength, along with the endurance/strength of your upper body.
  1. Halfway holds – get yourself halfway through the movement and hold for 3-5sec, then press back up. Smash out as many of these as you can until you just can’t press anymore!
  1. Full range holds – same deal as our halfway holds, but your face is going to become very close friends with the floor during the hold.
  1. Toes down/knees up – practicing a portion of the full range of movement will help build the press up. Stay as strong through your core in your lowering phase as you bring yourself down, then drop your knees for the press back to the top of the movement. Reset on your toes and go again for as many as you can!

Patience and consistency in practicing the tough movements are what make us better at them.

You’ll get stronger with a little practice every day. Even 5-10 minutes a day WILL pay off! 

~ Christine

True North Training