Press Up with a Twist


Now, we all love the classic press up exercise (or you all should anyway). As we know, it’s a great chest builder but also trains the triceps, shoulders and core. There are endless variations to the press up from the plyometric push ups to the Spider-Man press up, but today I am choosing Press Up into a twist.

How do we do it:

Assume the classic pushup position but as you come up, rotate your body, so your right arm lifts up and extends overhead. Your arms and torso should form a T. Return to the starting position, lower yourself down to the ground, then push up and rotate until your left hand points toward the ceiling. This movement will certainly set your chest and core on fire for sure.

As you can tell, this can be a very challenging exercise, so if you struggle with full press ups, then you can regress the exercise by doing it on your knees. If you find you need it a little more challenging then you can add a set of dumbbells in there to challenge your chest and your core even more.

I would say that this would be a great addition to a finisher set at the end of your workout, added in as a circuit or if you’re feeling strong and fit, then superset it with any exercise throughout your sessions.

Give it a try guys and let’s challenge up your sessions that bit more.

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