Reducing the risk of injury when training

Lifting weights has many benefits but it can also cause injuries when done incorrectly, not preparing your body before lifting weights and not giving your body an adequate amount of time to recover.

Warming up before exercise is really important, this helps prepare your body for your session by increasing blood flow to the muscles and raise you body temperature. A proper warm up should consist of 10 minutes of light cardio to raise the heart rate, some dynamic stretches to further warm up the muscles you intend to train in your session and further activation exercises to activate the muscles you intend to work in your training session. This will help you get the most out of your session and reduce the risk of injuries.

Cool downs and further stretching after your session is also important. This will help your body recover faster and allows you to bring your heart rate, body temperature and heart rate back to normal levels. Cool downs stretches can help prevent injury, promote blood flow and reduce stress. Muscles shorten and become tight without regular stretching which then puts you at risk of joint pain, strains and muscle damage so always make sure to spend some time at the end of your sessions to stretch off.

When lifting weights you should always focus on performing each exercise with proper technique. Adding weight to an exercise you are already preforming with incorrect form will only lead to injury. If you are new to weight training and not confident with performing certain exercises getting a personal trainer would be the best option to start with so you are shown proper technique and it prevents any injuries.

Rest days are also essential for recovery. They give the body a chance to repair, recover and in turn will help prevent injury. Exercise creates microscopic tears in the muscle tissue, during rest days the cells called fibroblasts repair and build up the muscle tissue. Rest days also help replenish the body’s energy stores, glycogen is a form of energy stored in muscles, exercise depletes glycogen levels which leads to muscle fatigue. Over exercising and not taking any days off puts repetitive stress and strain on the muscles and can cause both physical and mental exhaustion. Without rest muscles, joints and other structures do not have adequate time to repair, continually pushing on without a rest day will eventually lead to injury.

Regular massages can also help with recovery and prevention of injury. Most common causes of injury include overuse, muscle weakness and muscle tightness. A sports massage is regularly used for injury prevention it increases blood flow to help increase healing and recovery. An increase in blood flow also provides more oxygen and nutrients for muscles to use in order to maintain their health. Maintaining a muscle health helps to prevent injury as the muscles are less likely to weaken and fatigue.

In conclusion nobody likes being injured and being unable to train so implementing as much of the above as you can should help prevent this from happening. 

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