Rest Days

Rest Days

What are they and why do we need them?

Sometimes when we’re working hard and training consistently, our bodies can begin to feel fatigued, and we just end up feeling a bit run down. This is where rest days come in!

Start by taking a look at your entire week. Are you in need of a rest day? There is no harm in taking a day (or two! listen to your body), off to allow yourself to rest and recover. Often times this is exactly what we need, along with a good nights sleep, to get our bodies and minds back into focus for the next days ahead. 

Rest days allow our bodies to repair and recover. If we’re overusing our muscles and not allowing them to build back up, we’re more likely to take a step back in our progress, which in itself can be discouraging. 

Rest days will also allow our brains to relax. If we overtrain, we can reach the edge of a mental burnout. Mental fatigue is just as detrimental to progress as physical!

So, there’s a little start for you. As you plan out your week, remember that having scheduled rest days are just as important as getting the training in. Allowing your body and mind to get a day or two to recharge is nothing to feel guilty about and can actually really help how you do the next time you step into the gym!

~ Christine

True North Training