Social Media – Viewing yourself & the world through a filter

Social media, although it can have many positive effects, can also seriously skew your view of the world.

The fitness industry is particularly guilty of this – myself included. I’m sure you can see from my social media that most of the time I post positive messages and images.

The truth is, I’m far from motivated 100% of the time, prepping my food, doing all my training sessions and being a peppy little fitness bunny.

That is just not me. And it won’t be the case for any of the ‘perfect’ Instagrammers you follow.

Sometimes I struggle with motivation to train (working in a gym doesn’t necessarily help because it’s a workplace!), but this is normal. The key to progress is realising that motivation is not a constant, but your work ethic can be. Putting in the work even when you don’t ‘feel like it’ will mean you don’t stray far off track.

But seeing photos of ‘perfect’, ‘fit’ people, rather than inspiring you during a period of low motivation, can sometimes just make you feel like a lazy chunky monkey because of where your head is currently at. Although the opposite can be true when you’re in a better headspace…

Believe me when I say I know where you are coming from.


Finding your internal motivation (rather than just wanting to look the part for a photo on social media) will be a far healthier reason to make changes for yourself.

Sometimes taking a break from social media, or unfollowing a few particular accounts, can help you feel less overwhelmed and demotivated, thinking that your goal is so, so far away from where you are there’s no point in even trying.

But the point is, if you’re not happy with how you feel in your own skin, there’s no better reason to start making changes than making YOURSELF happy and content.  Just make sure that your social media content is inspiring you and not dragging you down.

Try not to view yourself and your world through a Mayfair, Inkwell or Nashville filter.

Lou x

Louise Cochrane Fitness