The Importance of tracking results

No matter what your goals are, it’s so important to track your results because it helps you to stay motivated and more likely to achieve your goals.  Tracking them in different ways allows you to see that your hard work is paying off, even if you don’t always see it in the mirror 😭.

It’s also really important to track results because your PT can see what if anything, needs changed💡 It could be your training programme or your calorie intake.  You might be eating too much or not enough so it’s good to know so that your calories can be tweaked to kickstart your progress again if you reach a plateau ☺

At The Club Gym, we have body composition scales that tell you not only your body weight but other important stats like muscle mass, body fat percentage, bone mass and loads more 💪  This means that when your weight fluctuates (as it always does) you know whether you’re gaining or losing muscle and/or body fat.  This could be the case if you lose, gain or maintain weight.

Progress pictures 📸 are another useful way to see the changes in your shape.  Sometimes you can feel like you’re working hard and you’re constantly scrutinising your body and seeing no changes day to day. If you take pictures (front, back and both sides) weeks or a month apart the you’re likely to see bigger changes over all to your shape.

A good old-fashioned tape measure is just as important to keeping track too!  Again, seeing the measurements go up or down can keep you motivated and on track when you feel like you’re not seeing anything in the mirror 😁

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