Time Under Tension (TUT)

This is a great way to do your workouts – especially during lockdown if you don’t have the heavier weights that you’re used to training with!  

What is TUT?  

TUT is the amount of time a muscle is held under tension during an exercise.  You make each set last longer by slowing down the eccentric/lowering phase of the movement.  

It forces your muscles to work harder for a longer time period which is great for muscular endurance, strength and growth.  

Slowing down the movements makes it more difficult to keep going and finish the set, so it’s better to use lighter weights anyway 

Training using this technique will also make your bodyweight workouts more effective if that’s the only way you can train at the moment 

How to do it? 

You slow down the eccentric/lowering phase of the exercise e.g. as you bring your hips towards the floor during a squat or dumbbells towards your chest during a chest press.  

You might see it written in a training programme like this: 3010 – count 3 seconds on the downward phase and 1 second on the upward/concentric phase (the 0s means no pause but you could add some to make it even harder 

Each rep can be done for 3, 4 or 5 seconds etc.  

If you need to know anything more about this or something else drop me a message!