Turkish Get Up (TGU)

Wildcard Wednesday – Turkish Get Up (TGU)

Want to move better, increase your core strength and build strong shoulders? Try the Turkish get up.

Although it looks complicated, it can be broken down into these simple steps.

How To:

1. From your side – loop your hand through the kettlebell, turn onto your back while using your other hand to support the bell up.

2. Press and set up – ensure kettlebell arm is straight and same side leg is bent. Opposite arm and leg are both 45 degrees from the body.

3. Roll to your elbow, breathe, then roll to your hand. Keep your kettlebell arm straight throughout.

4. Lift the hips (think glute bridge) and sweep the leg underneath.

5. Take your support hand off the floor, ‘windshield wiper’ your leg into a lunge.

6. Lunge up to full standing position, keeping your eyes forward.

7. Reverse the movement to finish on the floor.

Take your time with this movement – start with body weight, use a shoe instead of a kettlebell next then move onto weighted TGUs.

If you need some help with this movement be sure to ask any of the team or leave a question in the comments

Thanks, folks!