What exercise is best?

What exercise is best for you?

The answer to this is simply whatever you enjoy that gets you moving.

There is no “right” exercise. There are however exercises that will benefit you more than others depending on your goals.

For example, if you want bigger muscles then running marathons is not going to help you achieve this


If your aim is to lose body fat and you’re spending two hours a day doing cardio which is causing you to lose the will to live then go squat and move some heavy things about – this will be far more enjoyable and will give you better results in less time.

We can use the exact same exercises to build big muscles as we can to help us lose weight.

Finding the right advice is key when setting goals.

If you just want to get a little bit more active then my suggestion is to just do whatever you enjoy whether it is walking the dog, going dancing, playing football, lifting weights or just doing some squats and press ups in the house.

Make it fun and enjoyable.

Simon – SiFit Personal Training