Why is it important to train your back?

Why is it important to train your back?

Your back is made up of so many different muscles (upper and lower) that are often undertrained because a lot of people only concentrate on what they can see in the mirror.  So…why is it important to train your back?


I see it all the time – I even do it myself without realising and have to give myself a nudge to sit up straight!  So many people sit slouched in a chair with their heads in their phones, laptop etc. This can lead to bad posture.  Having poor posture can cause you all kinds of aches and pains like a sore lower back, neck strains etc.  Another good example is that your shoulders can become rounded as well which pull you downwards and could eventually give you a hunchback.  Strengthening your back muscles in the gym will help to improve your posture which will allow you to sit up straight and be less likely to develop pain and discomfort.  This is even more important if your job means you are sitting down for hours at a time.

Muscular Balance

If you train the front of your body, i.e. your chest and abs, you have to train your back too! Training one side while neglecting the other can cause the muscles you do train to become tight and the ones you neglect to become weaker.  This creates muscular imbalances which again goes back to posture when we talk about your chest, abs and back.  Muscular balance is so important for the whole body to function properly and avoid injuries.  So make sure every major muscle group is trained equally – if you’re unsure how to, that’s what personal trainers are there for!

Protecting Your Spine!

Having strong back muscles helps to protect your spine by keeping it stable and in the correct position keeping you upright (again – posture).  If your back isn’t strong enough, your spine could sit in the wrong position which could put pressure on your vertebrae.

Last but not least…

I’ve been training my back for years, and I eventually was able to do something I never thought I’d be able to do – a pull-up!  I feel so empowered when I do these because it shows just how much stronger I’ve become over the years 😀 Hard work always pays off in the end!

Let’s not forget that a strong and toned back also looks sexy 😉

~ Shelagh

Shelagh Jane Fitness Coach