Why it has never been a better time to join the gym

2020 has not been the year any of us imagined when the new year bells and fireworks went off.  It’s been a year where even the most organized people amongst us have seen their plans fall apart.  Many of us have cancelled holidays, moving home, changed career and held off pursuing hobbies and other interests.  This year has seen most of our plans thrown out the window.

Even the most ardent gym goers have struggled with motivation during lockdown.  As we all know by now, home workouts just are not the same as going to the gym.  The frustration was massive amongst us all to get back to doing what we love and to be in a setting that drives us on, instead of having all the obvious distractions of training at home.  The sense of excitement and relief was incredible when we finally got the go ahead to open again.  

Sadly, unlike the fitness industry the hospitality sector has been placed under further restrictions over the past few weeks.  Our favourite bars and restaurants have closed and have left us with very few places to go.  My weekend highlights have been going for walks and going to my local Costa coffee and I do not even like Costa coffee!

However, with these restrictions comes great opportunity.  I have always been the type of person who can see the positives in every situation, and I see opportunity here.  One of the biggest things that stops people from achieving their fitness goals is often their own social life.  They do too much damage at the weekend to ever make the progress they want in terms of losing weight or gaining muscle.  Well my friends these restrictions have taken those temptations away and left the runway clear for you.

For those who aren’t members of a gym what better time than now to join? Bars, restaurants are closed, most holiday destinations require quarantine, it getting cold and miserable outside as we go into winter so what other options are there? What better time than now to join a gym and do something new and exciting?

Let us make the best of a bad situation.  Focusing on your health and fitness for the remainder of 2020 sounds like a good idea to me.

Derek Brettell – Co owner at The Club Gym